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(R.S.G.) Roaming Streaming Guest

Get Paid to be a Roaming Streaming Guest 

As you may have already guessed, The Mobile Salon EXPO is a trendsetter and a pioneer in the Barber & Beauty world. We like to do the impossible, as well as, doing things that have never been done before.


On that note we are offering the opportunity for ordinary people to be our guest at the Mobile Salon EXPO as a (R.S.G.) Roaming Streaming Guest. This is where you get to walk around the entire event streaming interesting and entertaining parts of the EXPO from your cell phone to our online server for millions of viewers to see. 


We are starting a brand new area of multimedia entertainment where you the guest "SHOW the SHOW"!. 


Basically you are doing what you already do in streaming to the internet but this time you will be getting Paid to do it! If this is something you want to get into then simply fill in the application form below and if you are accepted you will be contacted and given instructions on how to proceed.

Requirements :

  • Smart Phone with Broadcast or Streaming capabilities

  • Good signal with minimal interruptions

  • Steady hand and walking around abilities  

  • Good eye for what might be entertaining or interesting for the online viewers

  • Bank account to receive payment

Fill in the form below and once approved we will get back to you as soon as possible to go through your setup.

Video Streaming

According to multiple News sources, approximately 80% of the population has either switched to video capable Smart Phones or is switching. This means there are more and more people able to view and even broadcast life events from their cell phones.


The Mobile Salon EXPO is getting ahead of this curve with our New Roaming Streaming Guest program.

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